About SamandMo

SamandMo are a passionate pair who create functional pottery inspired by nature and the great outdoors. Our obsession with mountains, trees, and northern skies can be clearly seen in our creative designs. We are excited to share our love of the beauty of the north.

SamandMo pieces capture the thrill of exploring. Our designs communicate the essence of a rugged mountain rising up from the ground, a simple tree reaching for the stars, or the galactic illusion of the dynamic auroras in the night sky. The possibilities for our designs are as endless as the universe itself.

  • Sam, the Maker

    Sam is a ceramics and pottery artist who makes the unique creations for SamandMo. Sam loves being outdoors and working with dogs, she is an avid outdoorsman and loves being in the mountains in northern BC.

  • Mo, the Painter

    Mo is a multi-award winning water colour artist who has been creating amazing pieces of art since childhood. Mo is passionate about traveling and exploring nature, and her love for the natural world is apparent in her art.

More about SamandMo Pottery

About the Products and Pottery

We at SamandMo really enjoy experimenting with new techniques and glaze combinations. We love the sometimes unpredictable results that emerge from the fire. For us, kiln openings are the highlight of our day, as we get to feast our eyes on the fruits of our labor come to life. The nature of the craft of handmade pottery ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike. SamandMo is all about the perfectly imperfect product.

SamandMo pieces have a flair for rustic and woodsy charm. Our goal is for our pottery pieces to soothe the soul and bring some calm to the storms of everyday life. We believe happiness is looking forward to morning coffee in a mug made with love.


What to Expect

Each piece of SamandMo pottery is unique and handmade which means that it has been lovingly crafted over a number of days, or even weeks. As with any handmade, hand glazed pottery, there may be some variation in colour or tone.

If there is ever an issue with an order, please contact us so that we can find a solution. Each item shipped is insured through Canada Post, so if there is any damage, please document it, and file a claim with Canada Post, as well as contacting SamandMo. As pottery is fragile and delicate, we may ship items from one order separately. Please note that shipments to the United States will have to clear customs and it may take time for a shipment to be cleared by customs for delivery.